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Influence of carbon source on the production of exopolysacharides by Rhizobium sullae and on the nodulation of Hedysarum coronarium L.
De acuerdo con el escrito, se habian reportado en las regiones del norte mexicano varias especies de Hedysarum, y era probable que representaran grandes ventajas economicas para el desarrollo de las zonas ganaderas.
In recent years, it has been frequently reported to attack Hedysarum fruticosum Pall.
The natural predominant plants are Hedysarum scoparium and Agriohyllum squarrosum with coverage of ~1% of the land area.
BARIEGO HERNANDEZ (2003): Hedysarum boveanum subsp, palentinum Valdes en la provincia de Valladolid.
In many locations Dryas exists in an almost complete monoculture with only occasional individuals of soapberry (Shepherdia canadensis), Hedysarum spp.
Timp Utah sweetvetch, Hedysarum boreale, belongs to the legume family, so it is a relative of peas and beans.
There are, unfortunately, not many herbaceous legumes in the desert, though there are many shrub- and thicket-forming species of this family, especially in the genera Caragana, Hedysarum, and Astragalus.
0 Vegetation: Fosberg Class: closed, evergreen and deciduous open forest with closed lower layer Trees: Pinus, Abies, Picea, Betula Shrubs: Juniperus, Rhododendron Herb/grass: Achillea, Trifolium, Lotus, Hedysarum Landscape heterogeneity: yes, hay making in meadows Plant population: Propagule: seed No.
Gaillardia aristata(*) Hedysarum boreale(*) Geranium viscosissimum Heuchera cylindrica Potentilia gracilis(*)
According to Holy Quran, 19 plants like (Manna of hedysarum, Onion or Cepa, Garlic, Black mustard, Camphor, Cucumber, Pumpkin or Gourd or Calabasse, Fig, Lentil, Banana, Royal basil or Sweet basil, Olive, Data plam or Edible date, Pomegranate, Toothbrush tree or Mustard tree, Manna Tree or French Tamarisk, Grape, Ginger and Nabak tree) are gifts and heavenly plants of God.
We did not document harvesting from animal caches in Greenland, which may have to do with the availability of plants: Hedysarum alpinum is commonly gathered from caches, but does not grow in Greenland.
Ball bourssoud 252 Erinacea anthyllis Link bounehar 253 Genista quadriflora Munby ilouki 254 Hedysarum coronarium L.