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a coastal region of the western Arabian Peninsula bordering on the Red Sea

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Al parecer, se instalo en Hedjaz (Arabia Saudita) en 1932.
Two centuries later, this theme of ubiquity appears in the chronicle by Maqrizi, the historian: "Everyone in Egypt and Syria was in the dark about what the sultan was doing, knew not whether the prince was in Syria, in Hedjaz or elsewhere.
One of them even unwisely wrote to the sultan who was preparing to make a secret journey: "I would like to make the pilgrimage to Hedjaz with you," even though Baybars was pretending to prepare a simple hunting expedition.
Weizmann, the sole speaker, closed his address by reading telegrams of congratulations from Arthur Balfour, the British Foreign Minister, the French government and the Emir Feisal, son of the Sharif Hussein, King of Hedjaz, whom Weizmann had recently met.