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a fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes

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In addition, a native hedgerow supports a wide range of wildlife, from bees, butterflies and birds to badgers and bats.
Hawthorn can be found in hedgerows throughout the country and is a vaulable habitat for insects and birds such as this Great Tit
Hedgerows support bees and other pollinators as well as the natural enemies of pest insects and mites.
Hedgerows are often one of the most exciting spots to work pup because birds love them.
Hawthorn hedgerows still grow in the green pastures of Normandy and England.
FARMERS are being warned they face large fines if they fail to get a licence for hedgerow cutting.
Hedgerows divided up the countryside into a patchwork of irregular shapes and varying shades of green, and local roads were little more than narrow lanes winding between farms, in some places resembling tunnels as the hedges on either side stretched above to meet and tangle, blocking out the sky.
From squirrels to stoats, butterflies to beetles, robins to wrens and a whole variety of plant life, hedgerows are important habitats, providing shelter and food for insects, birds and mammals, as well as being home to many native British plants.
Measurement of net radiation of single trees or hedgerows of orchards, vineyards and coffee plantation is not easily carried out.
In fact, research on hedgerows designed as windbreaks indicates they can save you up to 40 percent on heating bills.
of East Anglia) find a much more accurate way to discover who built hedgerows and why, how hedgerows figured in the local ecology and how they impacted the local economy.
When I heard the sound of that clicker in the movie, I felt like I was back in those hedgerows - wet, cold and afraid, wondering whose shadow it was out there in the darkness.
Stonelink Farm Organic Sloe Gin is made from sloe berries harvested from wild hedgerows growing on the farm in Brede Valley, near Rye.
The draft Regulation would also allow hedgerows over two metres wide to be eligible under certain conditions and in view of specific environmental needs.
Most hedgerows stood about 40 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet across; quite a barrier indeed.