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a flexible investment company for a small number of large investors (usually the minimum investment is $1 million)

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The hedge funds that survived 2008's industry purge, or those that launched in the aftermath, picked up assets at rock-bottom prices and rode the recovery to near record profits, particularly in U.
Hedge funds have come to the fore in the past two years as investors in insurance and reinsurance startups, mostly based in Bermuda, were created to fill voids in capacity left by record hurricane losses.
In September, a principal from one of the largest hedge funds involved in credit derivatives told an audience of professional risk managers that in 2007 and 2008 there will be a serious shakeout among hedge funds, broker dealers, and banks involved in creating credit derivatives and CSFFs.
WE WERE STRUCK by the news that hedge fund chief executive Edward Lampert personally earned $1 billion in 2004 and that the top 25 hedge fund managers averaged $251 million.
Hedge funds in Manhattan typically desire to be located in the Plaza District somewhere north of 50thStreet and either on Park, Madison or Fifth Avenues.
Hedge funds are a distinct asset class that offer superior risk-adjusted returns versus stocks and bonds.
Most hedge funds enable investors to realize moderate gains no matter how the stock market is doing.
In addition, many of the hedge funds most commonly employed by institutional investors were dubbed "market-neutral," purporting to out-perform traditional conservative U.
Efforts to promote market discipline by strengthening the risk-management systems of creditors and counterparties offer the most immediate and efficient way to accomplish the desired objective of minimizing the potential for systemic risk arising from the activities of hedge funds.
The Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index (the "Index") returned +1.
Lehman was # 1 among hedge funds last year and also took overall All-America team honors for a second year in a row in 2004.
Steep losses in the stock market since spring 2000 have signaled the end of the heady '90s, when soaring returns triggered an explosion of new hedge funds.
HEDGE FUNDS ARE SUCCESSFUL ONLY IF THEY MAKE money in both up and down markets.
The Merrill Lynch Equity Volatility Arbitrage Index seeks to replicate the returns of an S&P 500 volatility arbitrage strategy employed by many actively managed hedge funds.