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Synonyms for Hector

Synonyms for Hector

one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

to torment with persistent insult or ridicule

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(Greek mythology) a mythical Trojan who was killed by Achilles during the Trojan War

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You said you were coming later, at dark," Hector says.
The script gently reminds us of the need for compassion and charity, filling Hector with a warm festive spirit.
Sir Hector Sants said, "I am privileged to be a part of Abu Dhabi Global Market's journey to become an international financial centre and I am looking forward to actively supporting this initiative.
Along the way he meets a wide range of people who reveal their own sources of happiness, which Hector dutifully jots down in the notebook Clara gave him as a leaving present.
He even told me to take a photo of him and Hector while they were asleep," she added.
Hector said: "If I get a chance to play at Reading that would be great for me.
Bosses gave 44-year-old Hector, from Navan, Co Meath, the push after his listener figures fell by 14,000 to 138,000 - miles behind Today FM rival Ian Dempsey on 180,000.
Followers of the ACL-Sisu dispute will recall how Hector saw off ACL directors Peter Knatchbull-Hugessen and Paul Harris when they were caught in the act of tying "Sisu Out" balloons to Fisher's Land Rover after an away game.
Hector Villa has more going for him than a distinguished pedigree.
RSPCA officers were called to a garden in Ivor Road, Sparkhill, and found Hector suffering from a bloody nose and damaged mouth.
Fotopress era el espacio de Maria y Hector, dividido en el area de oficina, con un escritodo metalico color gris, un telefono de baquelita, archivero para documentos, en la pared una fotografia enmamada y dedicada a Hector Garcia por Manuel AIvarez Bravo, Obrero en huelga, asesinado.
Hector is owned by Beaumont Park couple Allen and Hannah Asquith and Hannah took him for his usual walk at around 5pm on Wednesday.
Hector was twenty-three years old when he arrived in western Canada, one year after graduating in medicine from the University of Edinburgh.