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the Jewish scriptures which consist of three divisions--the Torah and the Prophets and the Writings

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I was surprised that someone teaching Hebrew Scripture did know Hebrew.
It does not mandate killing people" is a false statement with respect to Hebrew scripture, and is conjectural under Christian scripture.
It seems a classic Hebrew scripture story of blood and guts that should be left where it is--consigned to the obscure bit of 2 Samuel in which it is placed.
The record of God's election and covenant with his people, as handed down to us in the Hebrew Scripture, was readily adopted by Baptists as a portrayal of their own spiritual pilgrimage.
Readings from the Krishna Yajur Veda, the Quran, Hebrew Scripture and the Gospel of Matthew served as a reminder that many religions and nations were touched by the events.
Franz Kafka, Chaim Nachman Bialik, and James Joyce are chosen by Alter in extended essays to show just how these literary giants with differing agendas addressed Hebrew Scripture in order to impart their own perception of the world.
His desire to shake up readers begins with this book's title, since it is initially unclear what "Scribes and Schools" have to do with "The Canonization of the Hebrew Scripture.
Three years later, Michael Drosnin's best-selling The Bible Code asserted that Hebrew scripture contained forecasts of innumerable historical and future events, including wars, assassinations, and earthquakes.
The speakers include: Michael Fishbane, University of Chicago, on Hebrew Scripture and Jewish Tradition on Charity and Hospitality; Heidi Campbell, Texas A&M, and Lisa Webster, Religion Dispatches, on Engaging Digital Spirituality; Rachel Wagner, Ithaca College and Sean O'Callaghan, Salve Regina University, on Sacred Games; Ravi Gupta, College of William and Mary, on Creation and Chaos in Hindu Sacred Texts; Eric Hollas, O.
Hebrew scripture in patristic bibilical theory; canon, language, text.
Among those in our society who have never learned about science or have rejected what they've learned because it conflicts with ancient Hebrew scripture, subjective beliefs about what exists objectively are very different.
The long-awaited Messiah arrived in Israel and proved His identity by fulfilling all the prophecy described in Hebrew scripture.
This transition occurred in the eighteenth century simultaneous with lively debates over the "standardized" texts of Greek and Hebrew Scripture as reconstructed by Richard Bentley, Benjamin Kennicott, and others.
To the Hebrew scripture writers, it seemed that only God could arrest the cycles of nature: 'Winter and summer, seedtime and harvest, shall not vanish from the earth.
I picked up on Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 15, where he says Christ died and rose on the third day according to the Hebrew Scripture.