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linguist specializing in the Hebrew language

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He came to despise traditional rabbinic methods of mystically interpreting the holy text such as gematria, the assignment of numerical value to the letters, the sort of thing that had fascinated an earlier generation of Christian Hebraists.
Their interest was not always benign, and the Christian Hebraists who questioned the rabbinic calculation of the calendar represent just one of the many fascinating ways in which Carlebach's study takes us deeper into the actual substance of Jewish-Christian relations.
32) But examination of the text "recovered" by European Protestants, among them English Hebraists, in the early modern period, known as the Hebrew Bible, which later versions, from the Septuagint and the Vulgate on sought to translate, suggests a more neutral use there of the black-white binary.
See also Sidney Coulling, who claims that the poem "suggests, in the trader's flight from the Grecian coaster, the emergence of dutiful son and school inspector from insouciant dandy, of essayist and polemicist from poet, and, in some respects, of Hebraist from Hellenist" ("The Grave Tyrian," p.
Description of provenance research project taken from interview with then Hebraist of the Jewish Museum of Prague Library Andrea Braunova July 2002.
Although a brilliant Hebraist, Duncan was considered a poor teacher of elementary Hebrew, lacking the discipline and application necessary to keep order in his class.
The society has been remarkable for the range of participants attending its conferences, who range from Hebraist scholars, poets, prelates, translators, papyrologists to those who simply admire the Bible.
Harper, a noted Hebraist, set out to make the university a first-class research institution "uniquely grounded in the American experience.
He is also a Hebraist who at one point in his life served society, though in what capacity the reader never learns: "'The public are fools and prudish fools.
In fact, Oliphant was an ardent Christian Zionist and Hebraist, a close friend in England of novelist Israel Zangwill, and while resident in Jerusalem and Haifa from 1882 to 1888, he employed Naphtali Herz Imber as his secretary and Hebrew tutor.
He discusses the birth of a Christian Hebrew reading public, Hebraist authors and their supporters, Hebraist authors and the mediation of Jewish scholarship, real and imagined Judaica libraries, printers and booksellers in the Christian Hebrew book market, and press controls and the Hebraist discourse in Reformation Europe.
Its faculty was well known in Zionist and Hebraist circles, led by its founder and dean, Moshe Feinstein, an accomplished poet writing in Hebrew in New York City.
Deeana Copeland Klepper's study of the Christian Hebraist Nicholas of Lyra (c.
in 1902 from the University of Heidelberg and gained a reputation as a literary critic, historian, Zionist ideologue, and ardent Hebraist.
Others Turner terms Hebraist, because they consider themselves to be the Old Testament people of God but are not predominantly Christian.