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Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud

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From a Pakistani perspective, it is important for us to distinguish the fates of these two kinds of desire, one motivated by a distorted Hebraism ('spilt religion', as T.
Harvey, "Hellenism and Hebraism in Wolfson's Theory of History," 83 ; "Return of Maimonideanism," 252.
If Hebraism was a cornerstone of Zionism, how can it survive in a functionally multilingual country?
The essays in this collection address such issues, paying special attention to the importance of what was characterized at the time as marginal or peripheral (English Catholic, Jews and Hebraism, religiously active women, secularists or atheists).
Its origins lay in earlier times, in the history of American Hebraism and, more specifically, in the history of American readings, interpretations, and applications of the Old Testament.
Indeed, it has been argued that the greatest dichotomy in Western thought exists between Hellenism and Hebraism, between our Classical and biblical traditions.
Milton and the Rabbis: Hebraism, Hellenism, & Christianity.
Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) spoke of Hebraism and Hellenism.
of Pennsylvania Press, 2004); Shoulson, Milton and the Rabbis: Hebraism, Hellenism, and Christianity (Columbia U.
In the clarity of retrospect, it is apparent that the huge 639-page novel Trust (1966) contains signature thematic seeds that would germinate in later works: history, memory, conduct and its consequences, the cost of assimilation, Jews and non-Jews, Hebraism and Hellenism, and especially the Holocaust and its legacy--which fifty years later in Foreign Bodies Ozick labels "Europe's tattoo" (3).
Even so it will be of value to anyone interested in the early modern intellectual world or the long and vexed history of Christian Hebraism and Jewish-Christian intellectual relations generally.
79) Pending a more thorough investigation of the genealogical sources, therefore, I defer judgment on Seidenspinner-Nunez's proposed biography of Flores while accepting that a converso ancestry could explain his familiarity with a Hebraism like cultre, whether he was the son of a converso merchant and/or the in-law of a nobleman with Jewish roots.
According to Gayatri Spivak, the Indian student of English literature has suffered "a gradual cultural alienation", as s/he: "is called upon to relate to the culture of "a vague space called Britain, even England, in its transaction with Europeanness (meaning of course Western Europe), Hellenism and Hebraism, the advent of Euroamericanism, the trendiness of Commonwealth literature, and the like" (in Rajan 2005: 13).
A professor of Hebrew and Middle Eastern studies at Emory University, he has published on Hebraism in the United States and related subjects.
Yet as Abraham Melamed writes in "The Revival of Christian Hebraism," "the big question is whether the emergence and influence of Christian Hebraism in early modern Europe led to a more tolerant attitude toward the Jews, and additionally to any kind of philosemitism.