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(Greek mythology) the goddess of youth and spring

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Also known as shrubby veronica, hebes are often seen in coastal districts as their leaves are well adapted to repelling saltladen winds.
Several autumn-flowering hebes are also worth including in the border, such as Autumn Glory, which at 60cm x 60cm is perfect for the front of the border, bearing purple flowers which withstand the elements and can flower almost up to Christmas.
In what is believed to be a unique scenario , the six greyhoundsinvolvedinthisA10 contest - Pigeon Wood, Winetavern Midge, Shes Annimay, Miss Smokie, Boherna Maeve and Hebes Eclipse - have all contestedmorethan100racesand their long careers on the track haveyieldednofewerthan127 victoriesbetweenthem.
Various groups of Americans have survived being called dagoes, frogs, kikes, Polacks, wops, guineas, injuns, square heads, spics, hebes, or whatever.
Good, low-maintenance shrubs with a long flowering season include potentilla, hebes, low-growing cistus or patio roses.
Cordyline, phormiums and hebes are good structural plants, which will do well as the focal point of a container but can be planted in the garden when you feel like a change.
The Emerald Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society invites the public to attend a free, slide-illustrated lecture on hebes and parahebes (a type of evergreen shrub) by collector Greg Bennett of Corvallis.
Without fear of censure or admonition, one could write about wops, japs, micks, pollocks, the shanty Irish, frogs, hunkies, hebes, dagos, krauts, spics, and nips and attribute to them the hoariest of stereotypes.
7 Hebes Chasma Most of the territory observed by MGS to date is dominated by features created and shaped by the wind.
We bought two azaleas, euonymus, and hebes in 5-gallon containers.
It's a deciduous shrub, small at the moment but it should ultimately Hebes are sometimes overlooked - but there are gorgeous varieties grow to be a petite tree.
NAMED after a Greek goddess, hebes are versatile, thrive in most conditions and are easy to maintain.
TAKE semi-ripe cuttings of evergreen shrubs, such as hebes, camellias, choisya, holly, laurel and box.
Try mixing spiky-leaved phormiums or grasses with the bold leaves of hostas and micro-foliage of hebes, oregano or helichrysum.