Hebei province

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a populous province in northeastern China

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In order to ensure an overall development of the Hebei province, the Hebei Government is going to take a smart step in coordination with Gate to China to ensure outstanding technological as well as intellectual development of the province.
16 million tourists, making Zhanghiakou the most visited city in Hebei Province.
The tensions between China and the Vatican City are at the climax in the Hebei province, where Catholics are required to join the official Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.
Representatives fromHebei provincial government, the Hebei Province Forestry Bureau, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Forestry Bureau, and TMC attended the ceremony.
Professor Cavalli received her certificate from the Hebei Normal University for Nationalities in Chengde City in Hebei province.
The two newly acquired plants are located in the Beijing/Tianjin region of China's Hebei province, and can produce 270,000 tons of glass containers per year.
a listed cement producer in Taiwan, will establish a cement plant in Hebei province, China while transforming its facilities in Taiwan for biotechnology.
Chinese police have arrested a former temporary employee of a processed food factory in Hebei Province for allegedly lacing frozen food exported to Japan with pesticide, the state Xinhua News Agency said Saturday.
The official Xinhua News Agency said two girls and a boy from the Longfeng Primary School in Mingguan Town, Hebei province, died on Wednesday evening after the dining hall caved in as they were eating at around 6pm.
They were invited by the Chinese Government to visit one of the schools in Hebei province.
The figure was reported at the fifth China International Pipeline Exhibition, held in Langfang Hebei Province.
An explosion at an illegal iron mine killed 24 people in China's northern Hebei province.
9, Bishop John Han Dingxiang of Yongnian, Hebei province, China, died of lung cancer while in police detention.
2 billion in Langfang, Hebei province, near Beijing, in a sprawling handset production facility.
Following a 1995 capital tie-up with an automotive glass firm in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province - present AGC Automotive (China) Co.