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Description:The project supports the PRC~s Twelfth Five-Year Plan (2011 2015) and the Hebei Provincial Twelfth Five-Year Plan (2011 2015), which develop a three-tiered system of services, stimulate investment in the sector, and define roles and responsibilities for government and the private sector.
Pei said in her speech that Hebei province can provide a favourable foundation for economic and trade cooperation with the Czech Republic.
In order to ensure an overall development of the Hebei province, the Hebei Government is going to take a smart step in coordination with Gate to China to ensure outstanding technological as well as intellectual development of the province.
The new Hebei TAC operates with 120 lactating dairy cows and 280 sows and focuses on technology applications to improve animal performance, lower diet costs, reduce nitrogen and phosphorus excretion, and enhance animal health.
It also aims to open a factory in the Hebei city of Huanghua in 2016, ahead of its proposed plant in Chongqing.
Police aided with professional water rescuers are still searching for the missing in Gongzhu Lake Wetland Park in Guantao County, Hebei.
A survey has revealed that over 80 percent of the Great Wall in Hebei province is in bad shape due to tourism and inappropriate infrastructure, but it is the illegal mining that is causing the most damage to the site.
Representatives fromHebei provincial government, the Hebei Province Forestry Bureau, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Forestry Bureau, and TMC attended the ceremony.
The two newly acquired plants are located in the Beijing/Tianjin region of China's Hebei province, and can produce 270,000 tons of glass containers per year.
Tung Wenxin, spokesman of Foxconn, Hon Hai's Chinese subsidiary, pointed out that the production bases in Hebei, Tianjin, and Beijing will account for 70% of Foxconn's output in China.
Sichuan Airlines, Hebei Airlines Sichuan Airlines plans to launch Hebei Airlines on June 29 using the assets of subsidiary Dongbei Air.
The Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO) is in discussions to buy shares of Bank of Hebei, formerly Shijiazhuang City Commercial Bank.
said contract for the construction of the Xibaipo Highway in Hebei, PRC.
The company said it hopes to expand outside of Beijing and into SanluEs old markets in neighboring Hebei as well as Shandong province, it said.
The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy said Wang Lianying, a public affairs program producer and vice director of the Tangshan television station in northern China's Hebei Province, was arrested by police in Beijing on Friday.