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German dramatist (1813-1863)

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10) Slataper puo ad esempio trovare in nuce nell'amato Hebbel le prime avvisaglie concernenti la futura Sprachkritic (critica del linguaggio) viennese: "La lingua e una delle forme concettuali necessarie allo spirito umano, la quale ci avvicina gli oggetti via via scioglientisi dalla forza del nostro concepimento, spaccandoli e frantumandoli" (Hebbel, Diario 98-99).
Happily sponsorship was up this year at 805,000 [pounds] and although no identifiable themes were apparent, the programme provided a rich and varied combination of music, dance, drama and photography, with events ranging from the recreation of a lost art form - Scottish Variety Theatre in its heyday - to a production by the Hebbel Theater Berlin of Gertrude Stein's 1938 retelling of the Faust legend Dr.
Hebbel, MD, will present the Ernest Beutler Lecture, "Sickle Cell Anemia: Improved Understanding but Continued Challenges.
On two consecutive nights, the sixty-minute camp-filled spectacle was performed before a live audience at Hebbel am Ufer, and simultaneously broadcast on German public television.
First performed in 2008, the piece grew from an invitation to participate in a series of interdisciplinary workshops for visual and performing artists at HAU 2 in Berlin's Hebbel Theater.
Hebbel, Klaus Schmidt and Tobias Muller (1992), "Private Investment under Macroeconomic Adjustment in Morocco", in Chhibber A.
When you talk about Germany, it's always necessary to know that we are a federal country, and development in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, or Berlin is, in itself, different," says Nele Hertling, who has been director of Berlin's Hebbel Theater since 1988.
He reflected frequently on the meaning of a journal and, seeking solace in colleagues' similar ideas, engaged in a persistent dialogue with other great diarists whom he appreciated, above all Hebbel, Gide, and Pavese.
Prior Information Notice: Wesselburen, extension and renovation friedrich hebbel school.
This is not a one-way street: Theaters have been staging art performances, too; the theater Hebbel am Ufer has hosted artists Janet Cardiff and Keren Cytter as well as a talk by the curators of the 2009 Istanbul Biennial, the WHW collective Ivet Curlin, Ana Devic, Natasa Ilic, and Sabina Sabolovic, about their obsession with Bertolt Brecht.
International statistics suggest that inflation targeting is associated with lower inflation, smaller disruptions from oil-price and exchange-rate shocks, and a better balance of volatility in inflation versus volatility in output (Mishkin and Schmidt Hebbel 2007).
Later this year he will be performing in a stage version of his autobiography What's Welsh for Zen, at the Hebbel Theatre in Berlin.
469), received the Friedrich Hebbel Prize, and she has been part of the German literary scene ever since.
Instead, she emphasizes the openness of another Berlin institution, the Hebbel am Ufer, a cultural organization centered around a theater that has no permanent ensemble and often realizes experimental stage projects that cross the borders between disciplines.