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German dramatist (1813-1863)

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One of the main issues addressed in the book is the potential of Theatre of Real People to facilitate encounters with culturally diverse people, in particular what has taken place at the Hebbel am Ufer (HAUI).
E innanzitutto mediante Hebbel che Slataper fa l'esperienza della Krisis, (13) e mediante Hebbel, uomo moderno costretto a creare la "legge" nella nuova liberta (Slataper, "Introduzione" a Hebbel, Diario 8), che Slataper riesce a mettere a fuoco quel contrasto fra particolare e universale che restera poi sotteso, ma in momenti e modi differenti, alla sua intera esperienza artistica: "l'artista [...] rida alla specie l'equilibrio mancato" (Diario 14).
Lilienthal's last gig before coming to Ashkal Alwan was his stint as artistic director at Berlin's HAU (Hebbel am Ufer), where he oversaw about 1,000 productions over less than a decade.
On two consecutive nights, the sixty-minute camp-filled spectacle was performed before a live audience at Hebbel am Ufer, and simultaneously broadcast on German public television.
Performed over two nights at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin and broadcast throughout Germany and Austria, the show featured a shopping channel which instead of off-loading the normal fayre of jewellery, weight loss products and toys, offered experiences for sale.
Performed over two nights at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin and broadcast throughout Germany and Austria on TV, the show featured a shopping channel offering experiences for sale including such leftfield encounters as discovering whether you could withstand interrogation by secret police.
To Hegel, of course, this characteristic of modern tragedy constitutes its weakness with respect to its ancient paradigm, but others following him (Goethe, Theodor Vischer, Friedrich Hebbel) instead redefine the genre so as to provide its contemporary incarnation with a more noble place.
Hebbel and Mehta (2001) have earlier proposed a methodology to recognize primitive features of prismatic parts.
They also cover his Hegelian solution to the free will problem, speculative thinking and poetry, his influence on Kierkegaard's own speculative poetry, Heiberg's dispute with Hebbel, his critical breakthrough, his predictions about modernity and view of contemporary culture, and his take on Mathilde Fiberger and the emancipation of women.
Hebbel (eds.) Monetary Policy: Rules and Transmission Mechanisms.
One of the latter was Friedrich Hebbel, a dramatist engage with a preference for extravagant characters and situations.
Where: Hebbel am Ufer theatres (HAU 1, 2 &3); the Wirtshaus am Ufer restaurant and care