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loud and harsh sounding rock music with a strong beat

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This research shows that modified vegetable oils hold promise as a safe method to help clean up heavy-metal waste in the future, Murray adds.
So now, in their own words, the heavy-metal ballad of Jack and Kyle.
Also shown are the free metal-ion activities computed in the model from the free metal-ion concentrations and the ionic strengths of the solutions, and the proportions of total metal concentrations made up of heavy-metal ion-pairs with various anionic species in the soil solutions.
Let me ask you about the anger behind all the heavy-metal raging.
The recovered heavy-metal sludge is disposed of in approved landfills, and water released into the East Branch of the Arkansas now meets chemical standards for drinking water.
Heavy-metal adaptation in terrestrial invertebrates, a review of occurrence genetics, physiology and ecological consequences.
The multiple heavy-metal resistant bacteria of present study could survive well in the heavy metal contaminated environment and thus can be exploited for the remediation of metals from such environment.
An ongoing effort has been adopted to remediate heavy-metal polluted soil.
She will be hitting the stage at Vault 350 with her heavy-metal band, Wicked Wisdom.
Then there's the occultic backdrop so common these days in rock music, and not just among notorious heavy-metal poseurs like Marilyn Manson and Ozzie Osbourne.
Specialty products include FDA-approved colorants, a complete line of environmentally certified heavy-metal colorants, medical colorants, fluorescent colors suitable for various resins, and photochromatic, phosphorescent, antistat, flame-retardant, thermochromic, and fragrance masterbatches.
com) today introduced the first commercially available non heavy-metal quantum dot product for life science research, its Molecular Plate T2-MP EviTags(TM).
Antioxidant activities and metal acquisition in mycorrhizal plants growing in a heavy-metal multicontaminated soil amended with treated lignocellulosic agrowaste.
When he was a teenager, Gus Black (his wife's surname) went through a ``full-on'' heavy-metal faze.