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loud and harsh sounding rock music with a strong beat

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In addition, factors, like DTPA, EDTA (chelating agents' diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid and ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) in detergents, such as soaps, powders, and the like, increase the heavy-metal solubility and accumulation in soil [28].
So now, in their own words, the heavy-metal ballad of Jack and Kyle.
Let me ask you about the anger behind all the heavy-metal raging.
The recovered heavy-metal sludge is disposed of in approved landfills, and water released into the East Branch of the Arkansas now meets chemical standards for drinking water.
WASHINGTON -- As the 25th anniversary of the classic heavy-metal documentary, "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" is celebrated in tour buses, at record stores, not to mention parking lots, SnagFilms is prominently featuring the cult-classic produced by Jeff Krulik and John Heyn.
She will be hitting the stage at Vault 350 with her heavy-metal band, Wicked Wisdom.
Then there's the occultic backdrop so common these days in rock music, and not just among notorious heavy-metal poseurs like Marilyn Manson and Ozzie Osbourne.
Specialty products include FDA-approved colorants, a complete line of environmentally certified heavy-metal colorants, medical colorants, fluorescent colors suitable for various resins, and photochromatic, phosphorescent, antistat, flame-retardant, thermochromic, and fragrance masterbatches.
When he was a teenager, Gus Black (his wife's surname) went through a ``full-on'' heavy-metal faze.
com) today introduced the first commercially available non heavy-metal quantum dot product for life science research, its Molecular Plate T2-MP EviTags(TM).
Not rated: ``Home Movie'' acceptable for all ages; ``Heavy Metal Parking Lot'' contains strong language and a lot of wasted heavy-metal fans.
The new replacements are quickly evolving to provide performance at least equal to that of their heavy-metal counterparts, while at the same time the cost differential appears to be narrowing.
While many of his practice-range peers were preparing for their instructional future by working an apprenticeship selling or cleaning clubs in a pro shop, Eleftheriou and his Massachusetts mates were strutting stages in snakeskin pants and pirate boots, members in good standing of the heavy-metal generation.
When processors or their customers ask colorant suppliers to "make mine heavy-metal free," the result is likely to be confusion on both sides.