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a petroleum product used for fuel


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The freshwater system is capable of scrubbing exhaust gas from combustions of heavy fuel oil with 3.
Heavy fuel oil plants offer a viable and lower cost alternative than diesel-fired plants to address the short-term energy deficit in Kenya.
As previously mentioned in the experiment, heavy fuel oil and diesel fuel concentrations were the same in all treatments, i.
Heavy fuel oil is made from the residuum by "cutting," or adding one of the lighter fuels (such as diesel) to thin the residuum and make it easier to use.
Three similar machines were supplied three years ago for the Mohammedia project, which also uses heavy fuel oil.
Crews moved the China-registered Shen Neng 1 carrier on Monday without adding to the two-tonnes of heavy fuel oil spilled onto the reef when the ship ran aground on April 3, officials said.
Coastguards reported up to 200 of the containers, carrying materials such as battery acid and perfume, had come loose from the stricken ship, which also contains 3,500 tonnes of heavy fuel oil.
Intermediate BioOil is designed as an alternative fuel for the intermediate and heavy fuel oil markets and as a higher energy source intermediate for the production of synfuels from biomass.
MEPs fully support the European Commission's proposal to ban the transport of heavy fuel oil in single hull tankers flying an EU flag.
Athens argues thatinternational conventions (in this case the MARPOL Convention) already enable third countries to refuse access to their ports to single hull tankers carrying heavy fuel oil.
Under the new compact, brokered by former President Jimmy Carter, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il promised to freeze his nuclear program in return for two light-water nuclear reactors and 500,000 tons of heavy fuel oil annually from the United States.
Japanese refiners have cut their imports of heavy-grade crude oil due to a decline in the nation's demand for heavy fuel oil, which is one of the main fuels used to generate thermal power.
Heavy fuel oil exports have increased to 300,000 b/d since late 1998 due to the coming on stream of the Bandar Abbas refinery and expansion of the Abadan refinery (see DT No.
Heavy fuel oil exports during that period were reduced but not on the same scale.
The Prestige, a single-hull oil tanker carrying 77,000 metric tonnes of heavy fuel oil, split apart 250 kilometres from the coast, spilling 15,000 tonnes of oil on Spanish beaches.