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Also, a variety of occupational walking activities are in the "moderate" range, and a variety of heavy labor activities are in the "vigorous" range, based on comparisons of energy need while performing a task to energy need at rest (5,7).
There is no official statement explaining the reluctance of the State to recount how much is still needed to liberate the children whose rights has been violated through abduction and heavy labor among others.
Mirvet said, "I was in heavy labor, in so much pain and the soldiers detained me anyway.
There is evidence that years of heavy labor can lead to OA in load-bearing joints, for example, jobs that require repetitive knee bending.
The penal-colony-like camps exacted heavy labor that was punishingly hard and exhausting, for which most Jews were singularly unsuited as professional people, businessmen, and the like.
A lot of our kids will not be able do heavy labor later on in life.
This wound caused a disability that would make it difficult for him to do any heavy labor for the remainder of his days.
Unless you're trying to drag an elk or moose out of the timber, all of this power is going untapped and will likely never be called upon--at least not for the typical hunting scenarios-but if your outdoor pursuits involve food plot development or other heavy labor, the Brute Force is ready for duty.
At the end of the sixteenth century, Stavenow was a highly profitable estate that owed much of its prosperity to the strength of east-Elbian lordship, which empowered noble estate owners to demand heavy labor services from their peasants and smallholders.
Patients most likely to have periods of remission from their low back pain were those who were psychologically healthy, as well as those who stopped working a heavy labor job, and those who did not have chronic nonlumbar pain.
The studies that yielded those data were conducted on children living in poor countries who performed heavy labor at an early age and most likely had inadequate nutrition and health care.
The real movement in sourcing products for North America got a jump start in the early 80's, when many large OEMs found themselves sporting monstrous overheads in some factories, along with heavy labor expenses.
You know what she meant, but like most critics and film historians, she was clueless about the heavy labor that goes into the making of any movie, let alone a big-budget epic.
Sanchez says that God spoke to him in a vision and showed him the way to make a machine that would ease the heavy labor of gardeners without creating noise and pollution.
In 1997, Colmenares was reassigned to a clubhouse construction project that involved heavy labor.