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a hemoprotein composed of globin and heme that gives red blood cells their characteristic color

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Drop in heamoglobin level was 1.04 +- 0.9 in cases of injection tranexamic acid and 1.5 +- 1.1 in cases of injection placebo with a p-value<0.001.
The heamoglobin level was measured using Hemoglobinometer at the time of admission (base line) and discharge.
Albesa, "Reactive oxidant species and oxidation of protein and heamoglobin as biomarkers of susceptibility to stress caused by chloramphenicol," Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, vol.
Spectrophotometric constants for common heamoglobin derivatives in human, dog and rabbit blood.
Copper is an essential element in trace amount for the production of heamoglobin and haemocyanin in the vertebrates.
All routine investigations like heamoglobin, platelet count, BT/CT, blood urea and serum Creatinine, blood glucose, chest X-ray (P/A view), ECG were checked.
This study was carried out on native Arabia goat breed, it aims to investigate the effect of cold and hot seasons on some hematological (red blood cells, white blood cells, heamoglobin, hematocrit, lymphocyte and monocytes) and serum biochemical markers (total proteins, glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides,).
The patient had profuse bleeding for more than 8 hours, low heamoglobin (3 grams) and convulsing.
The most common type is homozygous sickle cell anaemia (heamoglobin SS); while other clinically significant conditions include compound heterozygote states haemoglobin SC or b-thalasemia.