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a medical establishment run by a group of medical specialists

meeting for diagnosis of problems and instruction or remedial work in a particular activity

a healthcare facility for outpatient care

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The CEO said that registration target of 250 patients have been fixed at each THQ hospital, 150 at each rural health centre and 50 patients at basic health centres.
Having a 24-hour health centre in the governorate is essential," council chairman Mohammed Buhamood told the GDN.
NBB Health Centre in Arad, NBB Health Centre in Dair, BBK Health Centre in Hidd, Halat Bu Maher Health Centre, Ibn Sina Health Centre, Al H oora Health Centre, Shaikh Sabah Al Salem Health Centre, Bilad al-Qadeem Health Centre, Jid Hafs Health Centre, Budaiya Health Centre, Kuwait Health Centre, Hamad Town Health Centre, Aali Health Centre, East Riffa Health Centre, Ahmed Ali Kano Health Centre in Nuwaidrat, Budiaya Beach Clinic, Isa Town Health Centre, and Zallaq Health Centre will be open from 7:30 a.
Dr Manal Taryam, chief executive officer of Primary Services Centre at the DHA, said: " We will close the Umm Suqeim health centre on December 14 and the clients registered with the Umm Suqeim health centre can visit the Al Barsha health centre.
Dr Manal Taryam, CEO of Primary Services Centre at the DHA, said: "We will close the Umm Suqeim health centre on December 14 and the clients registered with the Umm Suqeim health centre can visit the Al Barsha health centre.
145] Cancer Prognostics and Health Outcomes Unit, University of Montreal Health Centre, Montreal, QC;
Other work includes an pounds 850,000 refurbishment of Neptune Health Centre in Tipton, a pounds 200,000 extension of Cape Hill Medical Centre in Smethwick and a pounds 100,000 refurbishment of Hill Top Medical Centre in Oldbury.
CEO Roger Walker says the new health centre is planned to have 60 beds, 47 for acute care, five for withdrawal management and eight for complex continuing care.
WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba Health Minister, Tim Sales, announced two new health centres.
The Health Centre is at the physical and metaphorical heart of this densely architectural domestic world, springing from its semi-circular entry nucleus.
Trillium Health Centre continues to redefine the boundaries of health care services delivery in Canada through exemplary leadership, best practices and innovation," said Canada-based Eric Gombrich, vice president, business development at Carefx.
A new wellness health centre will start providing services from Sunday at Um Salal replacing the existing health centre, Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has informed.
He said that the Ministry in the meantime will rejuvenate the Budaiya Health Centre which serves citizens in Bani Jamrah, Deraz, Marrakh, al-Madina al-Shamalia, increase patient intake capacity and improve quality and speed of medical treatment services provided to patients.
There are also clinics at Longbridge Health Centre, Kings Norton Surgery, Millennium Health Centre and Fox Hollies Leisure Centre.
The chief executive officer of the Group Health Centre (GHC) says health care should be the new economic engine for Sault Ste.