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The firm's stand-alone US large market health benefits and DB administration business has 73 clients and more than 1.9m participants.
At present, there is no scientific evidence to show that pink Himalayan salt provides any more health benefits than regular table salt.
"The health benefits available from energy efficiency are impressive," said Barbara Gottlieb, director for environment and health at Physicians for Social Responsibility.
* Thirty-one states hold approximately $41 billion in assets to pay for future retiree health benefit costs.
Mintel's August 2016 tea report uncovered that the leading ready-to-drink (RTD) tea attribute desired by consumers is health benefits, followed by functional benefits (with antioxidants leading consumer interest).
Health benefits: The roughage stimulates sluggish bowel movement and checks constipation.
They found that the low-income populations tend to know less about blueberry health benefits than the high-income groups.
* 42% of CFOs play a larger role in determining their company's health benefits options compared to the president or human resources staff.
Summary: Last year the amount of health benefits granted by the Social Security Bank (BPS) in Uruguay remained virtually unchanged
About 72 percent of all civilian workers had access to employer-sponsored health coverage in March, and about 74 percent of the workers who had access to health benefits took up the coverage, according to the BLS data.
Ann Marie Johnston, YogaMate's creator, is developing the platform to help expand understanding around the depth and breadth of yoga, in particular, its health benefits and its therapeutic application.
Summary paragraph: We asked readers how the ACA affected the attractiveness of their health benefits to employees, and if their other benefit offerings had been enhanced as a result.
The health benefits from this physical activity have been valued at PS18.3m per year, so walking the Coast Path is not just good for you, it's good for Wales as a whole.