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Synonyms for headgear

the hoist at the pithead of a mine

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stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head

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Fortunately his kids were allowed to remove their head gear as the curtain went up...and the lights went down!
"I think it's brave but appropriate," he said of his choice of head gear, "We need to sell tickets everywhere."
The man, who was not wearing protective head gear, was taken to hospital after the incident outside the Royal Mint in Llantrisant.
7.45pm: 8-11 Droopys Oasis 5-4 Selsey Girl 16 Latin Beauty 20 Hanin Star 25 Head Gear, Toosey Jay
Strohl of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and his colleagues fitted 11 men and 1 woman with head gear that recorded their snoring patterns and the blood flow in their middle cerebral artery.
While growing up in Utah, he wore a chef's hat, a front desk cap, a dishwasher's hat and just about every other type of head gear required to keep a 100-room hotel near his hometown running smoothly.
You must save a share for all the important little necessities such as mat tape, mat cleaner, head gear, water bottles, towels, and team T-shirts.
Head gear, hiking jacket, training accessories, boxing bag, water bottles, goggles or sunglasses, swimming accessories, gloves and bags are some of the commonly used sport accessories.
Summary: Female drivers putting make-up and male motorists adjusting their head gear are common forms of distracted driving.
The hijab - a head gear donned by female Muslims - had generated a lot of hullabaloos in several quarters.
Depending on the race kit purchased, each participant would get a singlet, sunglasses, headgear, drawstring bag and head gear.
It sports a number of "motifs" of Cornish mining with a giant beam engine as a rocking neck, mining 'head gear' sheave wheels as shoulders, and cast-iron flanges.
In this interesting video a person wearing submersible head gear unboxes the phone underwater.