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Synonyms for haematocrit

the ratio of the volume occupied by packed red blood cells to the volume of the whole blood as measured by a hematocrit

a measuring instrument to determine (usually by centrifugation) the relative amounts of corpuscles and plasma in the blood

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Al Shamsi to highlight institutional transformation and HCT winning the international Black Board 2019 - Leading Change category Award, which recognised HCT's adoption of innovative strategies for enhancing learning outcomes and boosting student success.
HCT is proud to have been part of this much needed solution."
The Phase I study is designed as a multi-center, open-label, dose-escalating study to evaluate the safety of intra-muscular (IM) injections of PLX-R18 cells in 24 patients with incomplete hematopoietic recovery persisting for at least four months after HCT. The follow up period for safety is 12 months.
Commenting on the LOA, Giridhar Dikshit, GM of HCT said that they commend Dubai South for taking the necessary steps towards energy sustainability and that HCT will be providing all the necessary requirements to fulfill the project on time.
A letter of agreement for the project was signed between South Energy's chief executive officer, Ismal Al Marzooqi, and Unni Krishnan, CEO of HCT and HCC Group.
"We look forward to Aramark HCT's associates joining the TRIMEDX team to support our strategic operating model focused on partnering with healthcare providers to drive measurable and persistent value."
"Yet when a patient asks us, 'Doc, what is my risk for skin cancer after my HCT?' we're really unable to give them an accurate and complete assessment of that risk.
Two-year survival for these responding patients was 83% and 86% following HCT and SOT, respectively.
He praised HCT's initiative to launch this specialised programme in AI science and technologies.
This ratio can be used to provide a derived Hb value when the Hct is the only measured value available.
Dr Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT vice chancellor, said: "It is rewarding for HCT to be endorsed in this manner by an independent organization, and with findings purely based on objective web-based algorithms."
(NYSE: CIT), a provider of commercial lending and leasing services, has announced that the Corporate Banking unit of its Commercial Finance business arranged for USD 180 million in financing for HCT Group, a provider of innovative design, engineering and manufacturing of packaging solutions for global beauty brands, the company said.
HCT Group is being recognized this year in the "Agility" category, for producing MAC's colorful Personality Palettes.
The Phase III trial was designed to support full approval of ASP0113 for the prevention of CMV reactivation in CMV seropositive HCT recipients.