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an abbreviation for 'hazardous material' used on warning signs

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According to a study by an environmental group called The Good Neighbor Project, between 1985 and 1995, Union Pacific, by far the nation's largest hazmat rail carrier, doubled the ratio of its car shipments to workers from 85:1 to 170:1.
But even if he's awake, there's no guarantee the driver of that monster hazmat truck roaring up behind you on the highway is even marginally competent -- or that his rig is remotely safe.
The Department of Transportations' record on hazmat trucking is just as deplorable.
an Anchorage consulting and management-assistance firm, says, "Over the last 2 years, hazmat regulations have changed more than they did in the previous 15 years.
But the cost of liability suits arising from a hazmat incident easily can exceed legal fines.
The changes are not so demanding for business people familiar with prior hazmat requirements, however.
NYSE:PBI), today announced a reseller agreement with Hazmat Software LLC of Longwood, Fla.
Our joint collaboration throughout the development of EasyShip Platinum Web means our hazmat customers will have access to the best overall solution on the market.