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an abbreviation for 'hazardous material' used on warning signs

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Based on the adjustable robust optimization theory, this paper will propose a route robust optimization model for hazmat transportation with multiple distribution centers, and the author also designed a kind of improved PSO algorithm.
The rest of this paper is structured as follows: Section 2 introduces the hazmat transportation route problem and establishes a multiobjective route robust optimization model of hazmat transportation.
Hazmat transportation route robust optimization for multidistribution center is defined as follows: there are several hazmat distribution centers, and each distribution center owns enough hazmat transport vehicles; meanwhile, multiple need points exist which should be assigned to the relevant hazmat distribution center.
Out of 33 million total carloads of freight moved each year, railroads move about 1.8 million hazmat carloads, said White--100,000 carloads of which are toxic or poisonous materials.
As with other insurance lines, the railroad hazmat liability business is subject to soft and hard market cycles.
Class 1 trains may string together 50 hazmat cars, or have 15 or 20 spaced with other kinds, and travel at 50 to 60 miles per hour.
We should consider long and hard how the CBD community is going to address TICs or HAZMATs, whatever the better term is.
They do not have full-time CBD specialists; rather, their CBD expertise comes from general-disaster preparedness experts that address natural: incidents, such as severe weather, as well as HAZMAT spills in addition to CB warfare agents.
Several Arab-American citizens were arrested after the 11 September incident for having false HAZMAT certificates; however, none had any connections to terrorist organizations.
Between 1990 and 1995, hazmat transport by rail increased 27 percent to almost 1.8 million cars a year, each one carrying a payload that makes the lethal cargo aboard ValuJet flight 592 look like a shipment of fire-retardant blankets.
According to a study by an environmental group called The Good Neighbor Project, between 1985 and 1995, Union Pacific, by far the nation's largest hazmat rail carrier, doubled the ratio of its car shipments to workers from 85:1 to 170:1.
But even if he's awake, there's no guarantee the driver of that monster hazmat truck roaring up behind you on the highway is even marginally competent -- or that his rig is remotely safe.
1, 1991, civil penalties for violating hazardous material, or hazmat, regulations jumped from $10,000 to $25,000 per violation.
The changes are not so demanding for business people familiar with prior hazmat requirements, however.
Jack Peters, owner of Haz-Mat Transportation Services of Anchorage, a company providing training, consulting and repackaging for hazmat shipping, says some 650 items available in grocery stores are classified as hazardous materials.