Haym Salomon

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American financier and American Revolutionary War patriot who helped fund the army during the American Revolution (1740?-1785)


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The chapter on Haym Salomon is the most tightly focused case study in History Lessons.
At a time when the Continental Congress had no authority to tax the citizens of the several states and the war effort was starved for funds, Haym Salomon provided the financial engine that kept Washington and his troops supplied with the materiel necessary to continue the fight for independence.
Haym Salomon was arrested as a suspect and jailed, Because he was fluent in German, the British found him useful as a translator to help them communicate with their Hessian mercenaries, about half of their troops.
In Philadelphia, Haym Salomon boldly presented a Memorial (request) to the Continental Congress.
Wenger describes how Jews tried literally to "sculpt" a Jewish-American culture hero in Haym Salomon, the financier who probably helped raise money for George Washington.
Page 497 wrongly asserts that Haym Salomon posed a rabbinic question to Aryeh Loeb Breslau of Rotterdam (the question mentions Salomon but was posed by Gumpel of Wolfenbuettel).
The final two scenes depict the patriot Haym Salomon, a figure with whom Zakheim apparently felt a great bond (figures 7 and 8).
With this series of five paintings, Zakheim may well have hoped for a mural commission in San Francisco, for Jewish communities in Chicago and Los Angeles were actively arranging for public works of art devoted to Haym Salomon at this time.