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German chemist noted for the synthetic production of ammonia from the nitrogen in air (1868-1934)


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The Arbitration award has decided in all disputed matters and the award obligated Haya Water to pay to Galfar all awarded amounts in a sum amounting RO18.
David Beasely, Executive Director of the World Food Programme, thanked Shaikh Mohammad and Princess Haya for their commitment.
Haya Water has connected 102,000 buildings to the network in Muscat governorate so far.
Haya Water has started developing plans and proposals for wastewater assets in the wilayat in a bid to increase the capacity of its sewage treatment plant (STP).
that Haya Water, after receiving the management of the wastewater
HH Sheikh Mohammed has always put me at the forefront of everything and his support for me in the humanitarian work goes beyond borders," said Princess Haya, who is also UN Messenger of Peace.
Princess Haya accompanied Mrs Muscat on a tour of Dubai Healthcare City (DHC) and Zayed University (ZU).
He said that Haya brings extra sincerity to the divine relationship between the soul and his Creator.
As per the agreement, BankDhofar will setup a comprehensive and fully-integrated online payment system, including an onsite Full-Function-Machine (FFM), and will create a bill payment facility for Haya Water customers.
Commenting on the agreement, Abdul Hakeem Omar Al Ojaili, BankDhofar Acting CEO, said, "This strategic partnership with Haya Water aims to enhance the payment system and to ease the financial transactions for the company's customers.
This author, much like Princess Haya, chose to break several unwritten rules.
La abogada Ximena Fuentes hace un valioso analisis, en lo juridico, al abordar el reciente fallo de la Corte de Justicia de La Haya en su articulo publicado en Mensaje de marzo-abril.
But, there's no denying that the professional honeymoon is over between Kuwaiti comedians Tareq Al Ali and Haya Al Shuaibi.
Haya Water is dedicated to investing in the development of its valued employees' skill sets, with the objective of improving staff effectiveness, internal communiA[degrees] cation and enhancing its cusA[degrees] tomers' overall experience, a press release said.
The Syrian family's ordeal began on March 4 when 14-year old Haya Loai slipped into coma following a skull fracture after falling off a horse during training at the Equestrian Club in Ras Al Khaimah.