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In addition, he said there are 1.1 million credit union members in King's home state of Iowa and that consumers in the Hawkeye State benefitted by some $1.4 billion between 2005 and 2013 as a result of the institutions.
Here's hoping you enjoy this unplanned romp through the Hawkeye state!
Annually, the Hawkeye State's wind power installations eliminate 8.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions (the equivalent of 1.5 million cars), and save the state 3.2 billion gallons of water.
The Hawkeye State is ready to launch its first net-zero commercial project--the 100-year-old Market 1 building in Des Moines.
Opponents of the measure think it would lead to incompetent lawyers in the Hawkeye State.
The Hawkeye State has never been known as a bellwether for the legal world, but an interesting proposal in the state could have ramifications for lawyers there -- and could set a tone that spreads across the nation.
Santorum won the Iowa caucuses in January 2012, and his scheduled return to the Hawkeye State has sparked some speculation that the Republican is eyeing another presidential bid.
Many have come from the western side of the Hawkeye State, which is largely rural and conservative.
Together as the University of Iowa Health Alliance, they plan to share data and build a clinically integrated organization that would serve much of the Hawkeye State.
Even after his surprise win in the Hawkeye State, he seemed unable to harness any momentum, and was beaten soundly in New Hampshire and South Carolina.
Romney, who one imagines is exhausted by months of playing whack-a-mole with the rest of the GOP field, is looking for the win on Tuesday, and while there aren't many Jews in the Hawkeye State, there are many evangelical Christians.
Given the reputation of the Hawkeye State and the cost of the tag--over $500--we planned our scouting/stand hanging trips, early hunting time, and prime rut-hunting time well in advance.
Aloha State: Hawaii; Beaver State; Oregon Beehive State: Utah; Bluegrass State: Kentucky; First State: Delaware; Golden State: California; Granite State: New Hampshire; Hawkeye State: Iowa; Keystone Store; Pennsylvania; Land of Enchantment: New Mexico; Sooner State: Oklahoma; Sunshine State: Florida
The Hawkeye State has battled record-setting snowstorms, massive flooding, numerous tornados and.
HAWKEYE STATE producers had better let regulators know about any e-mail address changes.
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