Hawaiian honeycreeper

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small to medium-sized finches of the Hawaiian islands

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However, the bird's oddities argue against its inclusion within the Hawaiian honeycreeper family, he says.
has already conducted such a study of another Hawaiian honeycreeper of questionable status, this one known as the Maui creeper (Paroreomyza).
He notes that Paroreomyza will dive through the air for insects, a foraging strategy not observed in any other Hawaiian honeycreeper.
Either way, ornithologists may know soon whether the Poo-uli is a real Hawaiian honeycreeper or a black-masked impostor.
Pratt's olfactory evidence and other controversial research suggest that the Poo-uli (Melamprosops phaeosoma) may not belong to the clan of Hawaiian honeycreepers at all.
Virtually all Hawaiian honeycreepers give off a peculiar scent.
Most Hawaiian honeycreepers have songs that are loud, canary-like trills;' Pratt says.
While Hawaiian honeycreepers generally boast feathers in exotic colors, the Poo-uli is a study in muted tones of brown, gray, and white.
My feeling on the Poo-uli is that they are not allied with the Hawaiian honeycreepers," he says, adding, "I don't know what they are:'
The researchers looked at the evolution of the Hawaiian honeycreepers after the formation of Kauai-Niihau, Oahu, Maui-Nui and Hawaii and found that each island that forms represents a blank slate for evolution, so as one honeycreeper species moves from one island to a new island, those birds encounter new habitat and ecological niches that may force them to adapt and branch off into distinct species.
Genetic structure and evolved malaria resistance in Hawaiian honeycreepers.
Status of species and subspecies of Hawaiian honeycreepers (Drepanidinae) known from historic times.
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