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the hip and buttock and upper thigh in human beings

the loin and leg of a quadruped

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where [V.sub.haunched] is the shear strength of haunched slab; [V.sub.c] is the shear strength of prismatic slab with the same effective depth with the critical section; T is the tension force in the steel plate; [theta] is the angle of the slope of haunch from horizontal; [theta]' is the angle of the slope of T from horizontal; T' is the vertical component of T which contributes to the external shear force; Z is the level arm of the section, and Z = 0.8d was assumed; d is the effective height of the section; and [L.sub.1] is the distance between the support and the critical section.
A three-span haunched (arched) girder with massive concrete spans up to 350 feet long with 19 feet of clearance over the water.
Tenders are invited for Concrete haunched slab bridge construction, grading, surfacing and seeding for: Bridge J.04-4.0 - 24~-32~-24~ Spans.
haunched slab spans with 28~-0" roadway, 45~ skew Lt.
2015-005 is for concrete haunched slab bridge construction, grading, surfacing, and seeding for: bridge c.9-9.0 - 42^-56^-42^.