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Synonyms for hatchback

a car having a hatchback door

a sloping rear car door that is lifted to open

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Seat, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has revealed details of the all-new 2014 Leon ST, an estate version of the Leon hatchback.
Producing 150 bhp and claimed to be good for 134 mph, the model is equipped as a sporting executive with such items as CD player, leather upholstery, alloy wheels and is priced at pounds 17,299 for the hatchback and pounds 17,999 for the estate.
2018-03 released on Monday, the LTFRB said that the accreditation of hatchback units would be subject to the following conditions:
Earlier this year, the LTFRB planned to exclude hatchbacks or those compact and small cars as TNVS, citing safety regulations for passengers.
The automaker has confirmed the hatchback body style will not return to the United States.
Now, were bringing this sporty, stylish and versatile Civic Hatchback to North America, as we amp up the performance of our incredible Civic lineup with each new Civic model.
Then you have one of the more important traits of hatchbacks.
Ultimately, compact SUVs are a compromise, as the raised construction makes them less agile than the hatchbacks they are based upon.
Currently, there are 12 models competing in the C-segment for hatchbacks.
Even more limited than the hatchback version - just 300 examples will be available in the UK compared with 500 of the hatchbacks - the 500C Pink adds a new twist to the chic supermini.
But the reason you shouldn't buy one is they are initially more expensive than the more popular hatchbacks, but often end up being worth less.
But now the five-door hatchback has become the latest craze, with automakers now tripping over each other to introduce another "innovative" product designed to capture a piece of the expected 60% growth in demand for hatchbacks in 2007.
It joins the three and five-door hatchbacks, estate and C-MAX.
Once regarded as a practical, no-frills vehicle, hatchbacks and other entry-level cars are rolling out with class and luster at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show this week as car makers seek to expand their appeal beyond the first-time buyer.