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one of two classical Hindu epics

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Como sabes, ni ahora ni antes dispuse de dinero, y lamentablemente, para todo se lo requiere, inclusive para pasar esas clases mas comerciales que otra cosa, en instituciones como Hastinapura.
In the next example the Pandavas pay a visit to the Kauravas in their capital Hastinapura.
Ni lui ni Dyu ne recoivent aucun culte, et Hastinapura, capitale du royaume que Bhishma aurait normalement herite de son pere Samtanu, n'a pas dans l'histoire de l'Inde une resonance comparable a celle de Rome dans l'histoire de l'Europe.
There is not yet open conflict between them, and the epic deals here with the details of their education and upbringing as they live together in Hastinapura.
Among the descendants of King Bharata (after whose name India was called Bharata-varsha, land of the Bharatas) there were two successors to the throne of Hastinapura.
Panini refers to the joint worship of Vasudeva and Arjuna (4,3,98), and mentions also Yudhisthira (8,3,95), Hastinapura (6,2,101), Andhaka-Vrsnayah (6,2,34), and Mahabharata (6,2,38) (Weber 1852: 176; Hopkins 1901: 385, 390f.
It is widely believed, even by those who ought to know, that, blessed with [divine vision], Samjaya sat with Dhrtarastra in his chamber in Hastinapura, and from there he could see the happenings on the battlefield, which he related to Dhrtarastra as a sort of running commentary" (p.
20, as the brahmins of Hastinapura greet and welcome Yudhisthira as their king, they are "bubbling with sound like honking geese" (hamsavan nedusam.