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Norwegian chemist noted for his research on organic molecules (1897-1981)


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En determinadas areas de Argentina, el nivel de conocimiento del habitat y corologia de estas plantas es escaso, especialmente las xerofilas que por sus caracteristicas morfologicas pueden pasar desapercibidas gran parte del ano (Hassel de Menendez 1962).
Dr Rainer Hassel was elected as the Chairperson of the council and Jessy Kamwi as the Vice-Chair.
Target: Hassel Volvo, Munday Chevrolet , Munday Mazda
Responding to the demands of the locals who laid down their grievances and losses, the governor underscored interest in having their needs met, offering SYP 4 million in aid for improving services in al-Safira city, 1 million for Tal Hassel and 1 million for Tal Aran.
Hassel says Bulgaria did not take the EU's words into sight and that was way the Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger asked an explanation as to why legislative changes were made.
"It seems like there are more and more "Made in USA' labels on more pet products than there were five years ago," Hassel says.
President Gerald Hassel reportedly said that the bank was taking advantage of opportunities that were opening up from the consolidation of the industry's asset management businesses.
Any facility a with dedicated UPS and cooling system was counted as a data center and the company plans to reduce its IT operations to four centers located worldwide, according to Steve Hassel, the CIO of Emerson.
Emily Hassel and Bryan Hassel ("The Big U-Turn," features, Winter 2009) are right to examine how public schools could learn from successful corporations and other public programs.
Cardiff coroner Mary Hassel recorded a narrative verdict stating medical complications were to blame.
Station officer Joe Hassel, of Colchester Fire Station, said: "The tide was rapidly coming in and the man was in danger of drowning.
Fire officer Joe Hassel said: "The tide was coming in rapidly.
STEVEN Hassel, development director at Westfield, has been unveiled as the new chairman of the Black Country Consortium.
Steven Hassel, chairman of Black Country Consortium and development director, Westfield Shoppingtowns, said, "This is very, very good news for the area.
Hassel baink turned up for pre-season fitness tests with the Bluebirds yesterday, even though the club have made it clear he does not figure in their plans for the coming season.