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On histologic examination of the mass, small, well-differentiated lymphocytes were observed mixed with neoplastic reticular cells and Hassall's corpuscles. On immunohistochemical analysis, the cytoplasm of 80% of the reticular cells showed abundant detectable brown antigen binding with pancytokeratin staining, and most lymphoid cells showed detectable antigen in the cytoplasm by using CD3 antibodies.
The first developing Hassall's corpuscle was reported at 13th week by Varga et.
marked increase in the size of lobule and plenty of mature Hassall's corpuscles with whorl like appearance were observed.
to term the number of Hassall's corpuscles increased continuously (Fig.
MICROSCOPIC STRUCTURE AND NUMBER OF HASSALL'S CORPUSCLE IN THYMUS: Foetal thymus showed a well defined cortex and medulla.
Hassall's corpuscle present in the tissue was of typical arrangement.
Regression graphs were plotted and a cubic curve was obtained which coincided with the observed number of Hassall's corpuscles. The R square value showed a significant correlation between the number of Hassall's corpuscle and age.
Caption: Figure 2: Microscopic images of thymic hyperplasia: great lymphoid follicles ((a) hematoxylin and eosin stain (H&E), magnification x100), Hassall's corpuscles, and the rarity of adipose tissue ((b) hematoxylin and eosin stain (H&E), magnification x200).
The number of epithelioreticular cells and Hassall's corpuscles were counted.
The number of Hassall's corpuscles was not different between the embryonic groups but was considerably more than the control in the experimental group at hatching (p=0.01).
The expression of NIS and TSHR was mainly observed in Hassall's corpuscles and in thymocytes of the thymic medulla (Figure 2(a)).
All samples positive for NIS and TSHR expressed these proteins in Hassall's corpuscles, except for NIS expression in one sample from a patient in 20s.
Thymic cysts can arise as remnants of the thymopharyngeal duct or can be acquired via degeneration of Hassall's corpuscles [17].