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a sect of Orthodox Jews that arose out of a pietistic movement originating in eastern Europe in the second half of the 18th century

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(27) This was a challenge in communications across space, but it was no less a challenge in message and audience; Hasidim sought to spread elitist notions of an all-consuming spiritual quest and ecstatic devotion.
The influence of Hasidim on others balances the analysis of how others have had an impact on Hasidim.
And while the majority of Ultra-Orthodox movements still treat media-related technological advances with suspicion, Habad were always quick on the uptake, realizing the potential of new technologies to communicate their ideas to both Habad Hasidim and to Jews at large.
Les hassidim se veulent uniques et distincts, nous aussi (We do not like to see the Hasidim proliferate because they remind us of who we were, our national decline, our rejection of the century, and that in a time of orthodoxy we had solidarity and were concerned about our survival.
Instantly, the hasidim began to bombard him with pointed questions about his level of kosher observance.
Why does Maimonides shift the noun from the rabbinic "tzaddikim"--a term that was in vogue for 1,000 years--to his term, "hasidim"?
In his earlier Haskalah and Hasidim, Wodzinski (Jewish studies, U.
Weberman is a member of the Satmar Hasidim, an insular ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, in Williamsburg and worked as an unlicensed counselor.
The original Hebrew name of the congregation is Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim and the building itself was finally built in 1833 to support a thriving Jewish community.
He also began to foster a new outlook for the Hasidim that attracted a following.
Chartered planes brought in the Rebbe's Hasidim from the far-flung parts of the world, including Australia and South Africa.
The term kaddishei elyonin [elevated holy ones] is almost a direct translation or, and in fact a code word for, the persecuted Hasidim. Hasidim were the staunch anti-assimilationist Jews under Seleucid-Greek rule to whom the Book of Daniel is addressed, as discussed in Part I of this article.
Ibtin - PNN - Four 18 year old yeshiva students from the Jewish village of Kfar Hasidim were arrested today on charges that they vandalized a mosque in the nearby Arab village of Ibtin.