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Synonyms for rehash

Synonyms for rehash

old material that is slightly reworked and used again

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present or use over, with no or few changes

go back over

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In these systems, the server makes data visible to clients so the client could use RDMA Reads to access hash table and items at the remote server as if they are on its own local memory.
Output result mainly realizes the output function of the complex event sequences by using hash table search technology instead of depth-first search technology.
Here, by computing the Hamming distance, we propose a new structure, called Similar-PBF-PHT, based on the BFs and hash tables (HT) to search the membership as well as the K-NN regardless of the radius CR.
Due to limited capacity of hash bucket, the hash table may not fill up.
The largest components of SSJ with respect to memory size is hash table [H.
Figure 3 shows that once the hash table reaches a certain level of saturation, the elapsed verification time will vary very little.
2 that row direction of the hash table represents the lines and column direction, the stations.
For example, an attempt to modify the MAF data structures using an API-level call is usually picked up because the call isn't sanctioned at that point of the execution; however, using a hash table method on a hash table held in one of the data structures will be picked up by the integrity check, since the hash table methods aren't wrapped.
Nevertheless, because the third EA-Apriori algorithm eliminates the effort of building the hash table and navigating the hash-tree to count candidate two-itemsets, it achieves the best performance of the three.
2]W hash table entries per input prefix, where W is the maximum prefix length.
Because block-level deduplication stores and matches unique blocks, managing all backup data requires a hash table so large that this approach suffers from scaling limitations.
To increase the security of our proposed scheme, we incorporate a further check of the user's identity based on a hash table.
In addition using RPPM method, based on the positional changes of the features, with the help of alter key and hash table, the features are not only matched with the single hash value but with different hash key resulting in the improvement of pattern matching efficiency by 17.
3) Hash table based approaches have got more and more popularity nowadays.
In order to reduce the searching time, we designed a hash table structure (Figure 1) for documents to quicken the searching operation.