Harvey Wallbanger

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a cocktail made of vodka or gin and orange juice and Galliano

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"One of my first words was f*** and one of my first sentences was, 'Give me a f*** Harvey Wallbanger, please'," he added.
While the sloe gin fizz and whiskey sour were once the rage time and fashion have seen the Harvey Wallbanger and banana daiquiri come and go replaced by jello shots and pomegranate martinis.
Apparently, the spicy-sweet drink thing is so 2006, which means ordering something like this will soon be about as hip as asking the barkeep for a Harvey Wallbanger.
My own particular favourite is the Harvey Wallbanger, mainly because I like the name.
1 Harvey Wallbanger: 1970s Californian surfer Tom Harvey loved vodka, orange and Galliano, but would drink so many of them after a day on the waves that he would often walk into the wall on the way home.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Harvey Wallbanger; 2 Newcastle-upon-Tyne; 3 Gold; 4 Radio Luxembourg; 5 Robbie Williams.
The rest of this unique drink book is devoted to wonderful liquid refreshments ranging from a Pink Panther Cooler, to a Pink Cream Fizz, to a Harvey Wallbanger, to an Electric Pink Banana, and so many more.
When I was in school, my friends and I would start our Saturday night with a happy hour half-price Harvey Wallbanger or two in Carmarthen's Marquis of Granby, moving on to the Rose and Crown for special offer Vodka and Russian (remember that one?).
A Pina Colada B Planter's Punch C Singapore Sling D Harvey Wallbanger QUESTION 8 - for 8 points: In which continent are the Dolomite Mountains?
"You wanna Harvey Wallbanger?" She does a slight double take, not sure if it's a drink she hasn't heard of or if he's just talking dirty.
one of my first words was f*** - and one of my first sentences was 'give me a f***ing Harvey Wallbanger, please'." He added: "FYI, I didn't get one."