Harry Lauder

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Scottish ballad singer and music hall comedian (1870-1950)

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One of his strengths was that he could write his own material, jokes and songs, but even the confident Harry Lauder - doing one British tour after another - couldn't have dreamed how far his fame would spread.
Harry Lauder, who was knighted in 1919 for his services to the war effort, lost his son in the conflict.
All the stars came to the Empire: Sir Harry Lauder, George Robey, Charles Coburn, Dan Leno, Marie Lloyd, Little Tich, Vesta Tilley, Harry Tate, Albert Chevalier, Zena Dare and many others."
And don't forget about winter, when there are a plethora of show-stoppers, including Harry Lauder's walking stick, hellebore, evergreens, and berry-producing shrubs (which bring colorful birds flocking).
It is said that they were part of the Harry Lauder Company and as such toured the world with his troupe.
ANSWERS: 1 That of Lord Chancellor; 2 Arsene Wenger, with Arsenal; 3 Thomas a Becket; 4 Raymond Burr; 5 Harry Lauder; 6 Adobe; 7 The reindeer; 8 A university; 9 Liverpool; 10 The YMCA.
Robert the Bruce was said to be a Mason, while Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sir Harry Lauder made no secret of membership.
This is for all the times you've said No, not ever again only to repent when you feel that gut August feeling you've never felt before, that this year, yes this year, is going to be our year and for all us dreaming on, dreamers who know the colour of disappointment is the colour of the Blues, and the colour of the Blues is the colour of the bridesmaid (the one found hanging from the end of a scarf up in the heavens in the rafters of the Kop) but still keep right on to the end of a serviceable number by Harry Lauder in the hope that something profound, like we've put more goals in the back of the sack than them, is lying there.
The author also deals deftly with the 'problem' of Harry Lauder, music hall's first international superstar.
Maxing out at 5 feet by 5 feet (it's a slow grower), it's been called the 'Harry Lauder' of cryptomerias (a reference to the contorted filbert), with stems and branches that twist and curl.
Such cliche-ridden national stereotyping is no surprise from a man whose costume chest also includes a ludicrous Harry Lauder outfit.
But the racing's very straight-as straight as Harry Lauder's stick!"
Pittock's book features a sketch of music hall comedian Sir Harry Lauder decked out in a kilt with a sporran and a crooked walking stick: the tourist's conception of the Scot, needing only a golf club and a whiskey bottle to complete the image.
Lauder The Studio at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat Jamie MacDougall stars in the story of Sir Harry Lauder, the Portobello boy who became the highest paid and most popular entertainer of his time.
Stuart Elliott was involved in the crash on Wednesday in Edinburgh, on Sir Harry Lauder Road, at the junction with Portobello High Street.