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United States magician (born in Hungary) famous for his ability to escape from chains or handcuffs or straitjackets or padlocked containers (1874-1926)

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Melbourne, August 30 ( ANI ): Hugh Jack is going to play the great escapologist Harry Houdini in a Broadway musical, which would feature music by Stephen Schwartz.
Standing are winners Brit Trogen and Kari Trogen (Margaret and the Moth Tree) and Honour Book author Janice Weaver (Harry Houdini: The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape Artist, written with Chris Lane).
He could have added the great Harry Houdini, who for the first time ever performed his famed water torture illusion there.
Linthwaite man Antony Britton has chosen the 86th anniversary of the death of legendary showman Harry Houdini to stage a daring escape bid.
As a kid, he was intrigued when Harry Houdini dangled from a crane by his ankles while escaping a straitjacket.
Harry Houdini reportedly visited the garrison room of the Castle - which was used in the 16th to 17th century to house border-bandits and suspected witches - in April of 1920.
1903 Harry Houdini escaped from a police station in Amsterdam.
I'M expecting a call any day now from from Harry Redknapp,otherwise known as Harry Houdini.
NUNEATON Town are being hailed as the Harry Houdini's of the Inter- Town Pool League in which they have raced to the top of the table after an unbeaten four-match run.
Harry Houdini Norman Mailer Gary Gilmore Matthew Barney Baby Fay La Foe Anonymous Bessie Gilmore Lauren Pine Frank Gilmore Scot Ewalt Nicole Baker Patty Griffin Max Jensen Michael Thompson Johnny Cash (With Drums) Dave Lombardo Johnny Cash (With Bees) Bruce Steele Johnny Cash (Voice) Steve Tucker Two-step Dancers Cat Kubic, Sam Jalhej Brahma Bull #55 French Bulldog Jacqueline Molasses In the fourth and penultimate installment of his increasingly ambitious Cremaster series, 32-year-old phenom Mathew Barney has created a visually stunning experimental Western.
The show is a supernatural crime drama based on the real-life friendship between the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and master illusionist Harry Houdini.
"I'm not Harry Houdini, I can't magic something up, but what I will do is give everything.
BORN PETER Jackson, film director, 1961, above VANILLA Ice, American rap star, 1971 JOHN Candy, US comic actor, 1950 DIED RIVER Phoenix, American film actor, 1993, above HARRY Houdini, US escape artist, 1926 FEDERICO Fellini, scriptwriter, 1993
Ever since he was a child, the comedian has been fascinated by magic, and there's one performer in particular who captured his imagination - escapologist Harry Houdini. In this documentary, the first in a new series of Perspectives, Davies goes on the trail of the man born Erich Weiss to see what drove him to perform his deathdefying stunts.