Harry Bridges

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United States labor leader who organized the longshoremen (1901-1990)


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''That's the power of the ILWU,'' said Dave Arian, who worked at the docks for 44 years and now runs the union-supported Harry Bridges Institute, a nonprofit that educates workers on labor history.
Second, the fact that the international union had its headquarters in San Francisco meant that Harry Bridges was a constant presence.
At a fundraising cocktail party for the Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers' Union, Garry introduced her to Harry Bridges. She recalled, "Harry was there, drunk as hell.
Michael Honey holds the Harry Bridges Endowed Chair of Labor Studies at the University of Washington and teaches American history at the University of Washington, Tacoma.
A few longshoremen, notably longtime union president Harry Bridges, were Marxists.
Through his academic sponsor, the Marxist economist Paul Baran, he got to know the left-wing leader of the long-shoreman's union Harry Bridges. Hobsbawm regarded him "with admiration and emotion" and was clearly impressed by the man's toughness as well as his politics.
Before Harry Bridges won that right for the union back in the 1930s, the owners could simply whipsaw the different bargaining units by shifting shipments from a struck port to one still operating.
Michael Honey is Chair, Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, University of Washington, and Professor African-American, Ethnic & Labor and American History.
After all, her first real job in journalism, at the San Francisco News, involved covering the rough-and-tumble labor disputes on the shipping docks, where among her confidants was notorious left-wing labor leader Harry Bridges. Her initial stories so impressed the editors that she quickly became the newspaper's chief street reporter for the dock strike.
In an editorial, the Pittsburgh-area daily charged that Graham had been "involved with leftist trends" during college and "worked for a time as a reporter in San Francisco with a sympathetic view of Harry Bridges' red dock workers." After Watergate, the editorial claimed, The Washington Post "continued to nose out embarrassing material to undermine any conservative policy" and "stridently" defended former President Clinton.
Miller refers to "Harry Bridges, the idol of west coast longshoremen" as an "unadmitted communist" who he claims was unfairly persecuted.
Crum, a friend of numerous left-wing figures like Paul Robeson and labor leader Harry Bridges, and a dedicated champion of fundamental liberties for all, was a marked man in the paranoid and hostile era that now unfolded.
Topics include the San Francisco machinists, West Coast shipyards, Harry Bridges and the Longshoremen's union, the role of the CIO leaders, the role of government, and civil rights struggles in Southern California.
Among Hoover's special targets were Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, John and Robert Kennedy, Harry Bridges of the Longshoreman's Union, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nancy Quam-Wickham, for example, should have offered more evidence for her euphoric view that workers, "under the leadership of Harry Bridges, fashioned one of the most democratic labor unions of the country," and that "rank-and-file fraternalism ...