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English actor on stage and in films (1908-1990)

English rock star

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23rd President of the United States (1833-1901)

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Harrisson got in touch with Madge; by the end of the month, a further letter, signed by Harrisson, Madge and the film-maker Humphrey Jennings, and lamenting the lack of the science of everyday life in modern society, announced the foundation of Mass Observation--a group of painters, poets and film-makers who intended to form a new 'science of ourselves [...] which would involve a mass recording and cataloguing of public opinion'.
We should note here the use of the term 'incursion', also used in the reference to Tom Harrisson's interventions in Iban studies.
The entire process in a social innovation is private, there is no determinism of beginning or rigid subsequent steps (Cunha & Benneworth, 2013), and there are different paths to continue the search for social innovations that provide change, transformation and impact on society (Cloutier, 2003; Tardif & Harrisson, 2005).
L'opportunite d'examiner cet outil permet de comprendre le fardeau du care aupres des familles, la degradation des relations familiales et le desengagement de ces familles (Harrisson, 2016).
Mike Harrisson and Kathryn Mann delivering an assem-|bly to pupils at Ysgol Bodafon explaining the trip
The interim interdict stated that Harrisson had been aggressive, violent and threatening during their marriage, and around the day of their divorce in October 1977 he had gone to her flat in Allan Street, Aberdeen, and threatened her life.
James Harrisson has now been jailed for five years after he was caught out by his victim's mother.
Para isso, contamos com as dimensoes de analise de inovacao social desenvolvidos por Tardif e Harrisson (2005), que foram baseados em 49 estudos realizados por pesquisadores do CRISES.
The vision is to expand the industrial township to 350 hectares over the next eight years, during which about 500,000 new jobs are expected to be created, Suntrust Properties president Harrisson Paltongan said in a press briefing yesterday.
| Honley High pupils, back, Tim Ruttle, Tom |Watson and Sam Harrisson and front, Katie Wallett, Emily Oversby, Ellie Mellor and Katie Liu 210814BHONLEY_08
Danielle, who had baby Harrisson six months ago, added: "I'm a midwife so this topic is close to my heart - I strongly believe in it.
We can assure that this will be a flagship PPP (public-private partnership) project," Harrisson said.
(7) None had more reasons to be resentful at not being commissioned to conduct the survey himself than Tom Harrisson, the newly appointed Government Ethnologist and Curator of the Sarawak Museum.
Trust chairman Ben Harrisson said: "While we've been delighted to receive backing from more than 600 supporters based in all corners of the UK and around the globe, we need more supporters on Wirral and across Merseyside to come off the fence.