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capital of Pennsylvania

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In addition to being an amazing wife and mother, Suzanne was active in local politics and environmental issues during the years they lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In 1984, the family relocated to Worcester and quickly became vital members of the community.
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On September 23, 2009, Canada's own General Walter Natynczyk was inducted into the US Army War College's International Fellows Hall of Fame in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Above, the CDS points to his name on the impressive list, while joking about his name's proper spelling.
So Massa drove one fuel cell car to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and had an suv tow a second fuel cell car behind him.
The team left Saratoga Springs Fire Cache for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and flew directly to California.
Herb Field, a veteran editorial writer and columnist for The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has been named the tenth winner of the Aldo Leopold Award for Distinguished Editorial Writing.
The lawsuits were filed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Newark, New Jersey, AP said.
Source: Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, 304 Market Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101.
The six-year-old was due to be flown to the United States shortly and is booked to retire to stud at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania authorities said Kevin Eckenrode, 25, was holding 23-year-old Rachel Kozlusky by her wrists outside a window of his 23rd-floor apartment.
* Fred Fetters, Chief Financial Officer, Pinnacle Health System will update Harrisburg, Pennsylvania physician executives on September 21st at Harrisburg Hospital.
Failure of the cooling system inside the plant, which was situated near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, led to partial melting of the core and a leak of radiation.
On February 7, the White House and several Cabinet agencies will host a conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to help faith-based and other community organizations learn more about the President's Faith-Based and Community Initiative.
The "compact edition" of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's Patriot-News had a compact lifespan: Four months after the launch of the minipaper, editors called it quits, publishing the last issue on September 30 (see Drop Cap, August/September).
New sensors from TransCore of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, allow operators to track and monitor trailers via satellite for better control and security of cargo.
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