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a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

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The Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 external hardrives with Dantz Retrospect Express are compatible with Windows and Macintosh O/S and are available now through retailers and online at the Maxtor Internet shop at http://www.maxstore.com.
One thousand megabytes equals a gigabyte (GB) and 1,000 GB equals one terabyte, the size of some new external hardrives for laptops on the electronic market in Dubai.
They made off with two overhead projectors worth pounds 2,400, six computer hardrives worth a total of pounds 3,000, two Motorola walkie talkies and chargers worth pounds 80, a silver three-litre flask and a blackbox containing cassettes.
Contra Appeal of Hardrives, IBCA-2319; 1991 IBCA LEXIS 19, at *17 (Feb.
(35.) See, e.g., Appeal of Hardrives, Inc., IBCA-2319, 1991 IBCA LEXIS 19, at *17 (Feb.
Hardrives Construction Inc., 4800A, Billings, 59101--GSA/PBS for NAICS 238120: $69,000; GSA/ PBS for NAICS 327320: $23,730.
Hardrives Construction Inc., 4800 Helfrick Rd., Billings, 59101: BUREAU OF RECLAMATION for NAICS 234990:$241,502
Hardrives Asphalt Co., 4800 Helfrick Rd., Billings, 59101: INTERIOR for 234990--All Other Heavy Construction 837,000