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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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HAPTION designs, manufactures and sells 6DOF haptic devices and with professional quality, suited to the needs of its customers, both industrial and academic.
When their large 6-degree-of-freedom (DOF) haptic device (which currently uses a head-mounted display) is integrated with the holographic system, it may produce a very realistic 3-D system.
To this end, second order Lagrangian dynamics are assigned to the virtual objects, and to the PHANToM haptic device.
Sensable has released the Phantom Family Haptic Devices that are ground-based interfaces used for Haptic interaction (Figure 3).
GHOST SDK [19] is a commercial toolkit specialized for the PHANTOM haptic device and it uses a framework with a scene graph similar to OpenInventor.
Using Geomagic's Sensable Phantom([R]) force feedback haptic devices and OpenHaptics([R]) software toolkit, the applications will be demonstrated at the NextMed/MMVR20 (Medicine Meets Virtual Reality) conference being held this week in San Diego, Calif.
The participants in the present study used the Novint Falcon haptic device from Novint Technologies (see Figure 1).
A force feedback controller has been implemented on an integrated haptic device.
Researchers at the Universidad Politecnica in Madrid are developing a haptic device with two contact points that should make it possible to grasp an object with a virtual hand.
Orly Lahav of Tel Aviv University's School of Education and Porter School for Environmental Studies is connected to an existing joystick, a 3-D haptic device that interfaces with the user through the sense of touch.
Because the user holds a Phantom haptic device instead of a computer mouse, they sculpt the "digital plaster" they see on screen--a more natural and intuitive way to use a CAD system.
com), proposed by the manufacturers of the robots does not offer enough flexibility for real-time monitoring and there is no possibility to control a tele-operated robot with a haptic device.
The user feedback occurs through linking the AFM force or STM height measurement directly to a haptic device using an appropriate amplification routine.
One haptic device measures how the microsurgical instrument moves and conveys that information to the computer, which causes the tool to push back so the surgeon feels the same kind of resistance that would occur in a real-life procedure.
We chose it because the phantom Omni haptic device offered a wider workspace of 300 x 400 millimeters (about 12 inches x 16 inches) that corresponds to an A3 (297 x 420 millimeters, or about 11.