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a royal German family that provided rulers for several European states and wore the crown of the Holy Roman Empire from 1440 to 1806

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The Hapsburgs from Vienna, who had held the Ottomans at bay, then made repeated attempts to annex the country.
Within the year, Catholic Europe unites to take back the Hapsburg throne.
The Khalifa had been a historical enemy of the Hapsburgs for centuries, and a little later of the Romanovs.
According to the court filing, Manafort began messaging and calling one of the witnesses in February shortly after a federal grand jury in Washington returned a superseding indictment against him that included allegations of unregistered lobbying related to the Hapsburg Group.
The person believed from his experience that the Hapsburg Group lobbied in the United States and knew that Manafort knew that as well, the agent wrote.
The stallions were first bred during the 16th century for the exclusive use of the Hapsburg Royal Family in Austria, but during the Russian advance in World War II, the safety of the stallions was compromised.
The Hapsburg monarchs didn't of course have the kind of far-flung colonial empires that Britain, France, Belgium, and then Germany set out to acquire--and perhaps this lends a greater ease to this particular ethnographic museum.
There, along the fault line of the Austrian Hapsburg and Ottoman Turkish empires, former Communist countries lack the sturdy middle-class base of core Europe, and in many cases are still distracted by ethnic and territorial disputes 25 years after the siege of Sarajevo.
Confronted with such diversity, Judson shows why the Hapsburg Empire mattered for so long to millions of central Europeans, across linguistic, regional, and cultural divides.
The book examines the production of cantatas by composers in the service of the Hapsburg emperors Leopold I (1658-1705) and his son Joseph I (1705-1711).
Notable by their absence are the Hapsburg rulers who held sway for 300 years.
The nuclear negotiators have been meeting lately in the Palais Coburg Hotel in Vienna, an old Hapsburg Palace that was made into a hotel in the 1970s.
Monarchical ties to the Roman Papacy in both the late Trastamara and early Hapsburg dynasties made the Conquest a necessarily Catholic responsibility, at least officially founded upon a Christian cosmovision.
Her winning cocktail was called 'The Black Jack' and was created using Monin's green apple syrup along with Jack Daniel's honey, Hapsburg absinthe, lemon juice and ginger.
All are different yet Bach's ingenious use of a constantly evolving bass line gives them an instantly recognizable familial trait, like the Hapsburg chin.