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Synonyms for Haplosporidia

an order in the subclass Acnidosporidia

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Development of a PCR assay for detection of the oyster pathogen Bonamia ostreae and support for its inclusion in the Haplosporidia.
The most significant diseases of adult bivalves are caused by protozoan parasites in the phyla Perkinsozoa, Haplosporidia, and Paramyxea (Berthe et al.
Phylogeny of the Haplosporidia (Eukaryota: Alveolata) based on small subunit ribosomal RNA gene sequence.
Whereas the census of haplosporidia worldwide (Burreson & Ford 2004, Reece et al.
Molecular phylogeny of the Haplosporidia based on two independent gene sequences.