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the official published verbatim report of the proceedings of a parliamentary body

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The new licence allows Hansard entry into the Japanese market to offer a new savings proposition.
During the debate, Chong was reported in the Hansard as saying, 'I know la [Wong] is on your side' - to Deputy Speaker Datuk Gerawat Gala, who presided over the assembly yesterday.
maintain the granite faade of the Dennis Building and faade of the Hansard Building design approval from the province relating to the front on Granville Street of the new development no commercial or retail space on Granville Street no balconies facing Granville Street.
That intensity surfaces again on Hansard's fourth solo album, "This Wild Willing," a rangy collection of experiments in musical exploration.
"Opinions of the system of governing are at their lowest point in the 15-year Audit series -- worse now than in the aftermath of the MPs' expenses scandal," according to the Hansard Society.
She said: "We could ensure that those voting by such means were denoted by a "P", or, to make it really up to date - and I hope Hansard have this - a baby emoji, giving full transparency to the public.
The publication of the House of Commons report by Hansard was challenged in court by Stockdale as defamatory to him.
Amid all that, Hansard found enough inspiration and clarity to hammer out 10 new songs that reflect that place of coming and going.
Hansard also reminds us of the subsequent delays in free bus travel, winter fuel payments and the link to pension credits for both men and women that this affected.
Our courts may look at Hansard, sometimes many years after the words were spoken, when they are trying to understand the purpose and meaning of legislation.
Les tribunaux sont susceptibles de lire le hansard, parfois des annees apres les deliberations, pour tenter de comprendre l'objectif et la signification des lois.
In the case of nuclear weapon transport, the likelihood of an accident affecting any individual member of the public is so extremely remote that prior supply of information is not required." (Radiation Warnings, Hansard, 20 May 20, 1993.) Earlier in the same month, the MOD refused to reveal the "secret emergency plans dealing with nuclear weapon transport accidents" (Hansard, Nuclear Weapons Transport, May 6, 1993.) A month earlier, the MOD told Nigel Jones MP: "Regular exercises of varying scale are sponsored by the Ministry of Defence to enable departmental and other staffs to practise the response to a nuclear transport accident," adding: "Local civil police forces are always notified at least 24 hours in advance of nuclear weapon convoy movements through their area of responsibility.
She later had to explain what mince meant for the official Hansard record
." ?THE Hansard reporters who transcribe what MPs actually say in the chamber were baffled by SNP MP Kirsty Blackman's description of Commons procedures yesterday.
Tory Lord Whitby has made only two appearances in the official House of Lords record of debates, called Hansard, since becoming a peer in summer 2013 - one on Chinese trade in 2014 and another on local government finance in January 2015.