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United States historian and political philosopher (born in Germany) (1906-1975)


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Like many authors of the interwar and postwar period, Hannah Arendt was dissatisfied with historical and dialectical materialism, but tried to constructively engage with it, despite her concerns about its role in the formation of totalitarian regimes.
Caption: Filmmaker Ada Ushpiz interviewed a number of intellectuals, including her subject Hannah Arendt, one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century.
While Curthoys builds toward asserting a relationship between Ernst Cassirer (chapters five and six) and Hannah Arendt (chapters seven and eight), in the process he seeks to revise our focus regarding each of these thinkers.
Hannah Arendt era una nina cuando perdio a su padre, Paul Arendt (1873-1913), a los siete anos; y su juventud no habia finalizado aun cuando tambien perdio su patria, Alemania, despues de un arresto de la Gestapo y de la migracion forzada (e ilegal) a la que le obligaron las autoridades nazis (29).
Apart from the chapters on Mary Wollstonecraft and Hannah Arendt there is a strong bias to investigate the ideas of white males, instead of focusing on such female philosophers as for instance Iris Marion Young, Martha Nussbaum and Vandana Shiva.
The biographical film looks at Hannah Arendt, a philosopher and political theorist who reported for The New Yorker on the war crimes trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann.
Marie Luise Knott, Unlearning with Hannah Arendt, D.
Se entiende como un largometraje documental, recurre a entrevistas con personas que convivieron con Hannah Arendt, como por ejemplo Lotte Kohler, su colaboradora, y Eleonore Jonas, viuda de Hans Jonas, y procesa material original del proceso a Eichmann en Jerusalen.
Hannah Arendt Narrativity and the restitution of politics
Haif al-Mansour's "Wadjda," the first feature film shot entirely in Arabia and the first Saudi Arabian movie submitted for the Best Foreign Language Oscar for the 86th Academy Awards, and Margarethe von Trotta's "Hannah Arendt," about German-American political theorist Hannah Arendt, are two of the section's highlights from female directors.
Esta infinita libertad, segun Hannah Arendt (1998:18-19), esta en cada uno de nosotros, en cada ser humano.
Contract award: 22 Hannah Arendt Park (Aspern Urban Lakeside), horticultural production work.
This sentence seems to refer to Hannah Arendt, who says more or less the same thing about Eichmann: "Eichmann was not Iago and not Macbeth, and nothing would have been farther from his mind than to determine with Richard III 'to prove a villain'" (Eichmann in Jerusalem 287).