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Synonyms for handkerchief



Synonyms for handkerchief

a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory

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This time I declared it but forget to bring it and had to cut up a pure silk hankerchief I had as a Christmas present and use it to tie up his tongue.
Barnes, who was interviewing the United chairman for Match of the Day was seen staggering out of the tunnel clutching a hankerchief to his bleeding mouth.
Considering the Diva rarely wears much more than a hankerchief around her essentials I would love to know what she has packed away in all that luggage.
She added: "He used his hankerchief to tend to Jackie.
Comedian Michael Barrymore, his familar face a mask of abject sorrow, wept openly and dabbed at his eyes with a folded white hankerchief.
Mr Cardy takes his hankerchief and wipes his eyes and face before he lovingly envelopes his wife protectively in his arms.
They claimed the underwear and hankerchief from which the original samples had been taken had apparently later been in contact with other clothes belonging to Hanratty.
Afterwards a policeman gently led her back into the house, where she lingered for a few moments before rushing out wipping away tears with a hankerchief.
Few experienced that well- known scene where an embarrassed car salesman mutters into his hankerchief as he tries to tell you how little your car is now worth.
Supt Buchanan died at the wheel and Chief Supt Breen was shot in the head as he waved a white hankerchief after staggering wounded from the passenger seat.
Simply use a hankerchief or tissue when you sneeze or, if you have to sneeze in your hand, wash your hands after sneezing.
The Dublin widower, who suffers from very severe asthma, sent off for the blessed hankerchief two weeks ago in a desperate bid for relief.
Some residents wore surgical masks or covered their faces with hankerchiefs when they walked outside.
Product coverage: boxed facial tissues, pocket hankerchiefs.
Espanyol's pride will have been hurt by last Sunday's shock 4-0 loss at home to Racing, which was greeted by jeers and white hankerchiefs at the final whistle.