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Synonyms for hygiene


Synonyms for hygiene

a condition promoting sanitary practices

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the science concerned with the prevention of illness and maintenance of health

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20 healthy volunteers (aged 18 to 51 years) were randomly assigned to rub their hands by following four different techniques - the six-step hand hygiene technique for 30 seconds; the six-step hand hygiene technique for 15 seconds; the three-step hand hygiene technique for 30 seconds; and the three-step hand hygiene technique for 15 seconds.
This is not surprising, since these surfaces are touched frequently through the day and students were not being coached to perform hand hygiene regularly.
WHO urges ministries of health, health facility leaders, IPC leaders, health workers, and patient advocacy groups to contribute to effective IPC action including hand hygiene as a cornerstone of quality in healthcare (Table 1).
Four dental students did not perform hand hygiene before gloving and three did not after removing their gloves.
DCC families were randomly assigned to two intervention groups in which education and hand hygiene measures (soap and water [SWG, 274] and hand sanitizer [HSG, 339]) were implemented or to a control group (CG, 298) that followed usual hand-washing procedures.
Keywords: Infection control, Hand hygiene, Needlestick injuries, Universal precautions, Surgical scrubbing, Medical students.
Hand hygiene is the first line of defense to reduce or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, visible dirt, and toxic substances.
Originally conceived and developed by the Computational Epidemiology Research Group at the University of Iowa, iScrub Lite was launched to simplify the time-consuming and error-prone process of recording hand hygiene observations and sharing the results with health care professionals.
The day highlights the importance of hand hygiene. The slogan of this year's campaign was 'It's in your hands - prevent sepsis in health care.' Dr Ikram said hospital administrators should take responsibility to make hand hygiene a quality indicator in their hospitals.
World Hand Hygiene Day, marked globally on 5th May, highlights the importance of hand hygiene.
Hand hygiene refers to removal of microorganisms which are transient or killing them and avoiding of visible dirty from hands without causing any harm to skin by using different techniques and hand washing agents [1].
Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) again this year marked World Hand Hygiene Day (WHHD) by holding a number of activities across its network of hospitals to emphasize the importance of hand hygiene.
According to the Joint Commission's Sustaining and Spreading Improvement in Hand Hygiene Compliance hand hygiene compliance in hospitals prior to interventions to improve it ranged from under 50 to about 60 percent, with improvement to the 80 percent range after interventions called "Robust Process Improvement[R] (RPI[R])" to increase compliance were initiated.