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an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

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Lane Kirkland once told a senior IAF organizer, "the problem we have in the labor movement is we pay guys big salaries to pass out hand bills rather than teach workers how to organize").
Lastly, MetLife Dental can help a dentist hand bills to patients as they leave the office, thus saving on administrative and mailing expenses.
The introduction points out that the definition of imprint includes `all the products of the press, from books and official documents to job printing such as hand bills, commercial notices, licenses for trade with native peoples, shipping documents, and land grants.
Whether or not print has a place in eternity as the medium of choice for candy wrappers and hand bills, another questions looms: Should print make way for electronics as the dominant communication medium?
at Motorway (M1, M2, M3), distribution of pamphlets, hand bills and stickers having anti-corruption messages to vehicles plying on motorways.
Similarly, efforts are also being made to join hands with Motorway Police to take steps including display of advertisement board at various points with "Say No to Corruption" at Motorways and distribution of pamphlets, hand bills and stickers having anti-corruption messages to vehicles plying on motorways.
He further informed that JI along with other political parties and trade unions will aware the entire nation about the dire consequences of the privatization through social media, print media, hand bills and other forms of communications.
The minister said relevant pamphlets and hand bills have already been handed to educational institutions and Masjids.
Participants of the walk also distributed hand bills and pamphlets among the people and sought their help to made successful the efforts being carried out by the district administration to eliminate dengue mosquitoes from the city.
Over the years Robert and wife Fiona collected more than 125,000 items on rail, air, bus and coach and water transport, including timetables, brochures, booklets, hand bills, and other paper ephemera.
Along with John Lennon's suit and hand bills from their early concerts, the Museum of Liverpool Life has a signed photograph from the Beatles to the girls from Childwall Valley High school.
Tenders are invited for Printing of hand bills on prevention and control of dengue,malaria & chikungunya
RAWALPINDI, March 23, 2012 (Frontier Star): District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rawalpindi Saqib Zafar has issued N0C to PHA for dropping 500000 hand bills through aero plane in connection with Dengue awareness campaign.