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American revolutionary patriot who was president of the Continental Congress


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And, to save me, I can't remember whether the Hancock Fire Brigade was a republican or a democratic organisation.
Our Aunt Hancock lived in the Governor's house, on Beacon Hill, at that time.
It was the afternoon of my first day, along about four o'clock, when the boilers of the Governor Hancock exploded and she sank in sixty feet of water alongside the dock.
If the truth must be told, the life of the aged loyalist has been of such a scrambling and unsettled character,--he has had so little choice of friends and been so often destitute of any,--that I doubt whether he would refuse a cup of kindness with either Oliver Cromwell or John Hancock,--to say nothing of any democrat now upon the stage.
Seven extra mouths sat down to breakfast: a Swede; a Chatham skipper; a boy from Hancock, Maine; one Duxbury, and three Provincetown men.