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imperial dynasty that ruled China (most of the time from 206 BC to AD 220) and expanded its boundaries and developed its bureaucracy


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She discusses Han-dynasty omen catalogues that interpreted for the elite, which signs were to be read as portending good fortune and which were warnings of impending failure.
Scholar Shen was the first Han-dynasty master to teach the Lu version of the Songs.
The Shiji named Shen, Yuan Gu, and Han as the first generation of Han-dynasty experts on the Songs, noting that these scholars taught in the Lu, Qi, and Yanzhao areas respectively.
He describes libraries in ancient Egypt, Han-dynasty China, the ancient Western Classical world, the Baghdad of Harun-al-Rashid, and medieval and Renaissance Europe, as well as colonial America, the Library of Congress, university libraries, today's large public library systems, librarianship, and information management.