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Babylonian king who codified the laws of Sumer and Mesopotamia (died 1750 BC)


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These include Eva Strommenger, "Das Menschenbild in der altmeso-potamischen Rundplastik von Mesilim bis Hammurapi," Baghdader Mitteilangen 1 (1960): 1-103: Eva Braun-Holzinger, Friihdynastische Beterstatuetten (Berlin: Gebruder Mann, 1977): and ead.
The most famous of these rulers, in antiquity as now, was Hammurapi of Babylon.
Attested thirty-day month lengths, based on economic and/or administrative texts, were collected by them from the reigns of Hammurapi, Samsuiluna, Ammiditana, and Ammiditana.
Sibilants in the Old Babylonian Texts of Hammurapi and of the Governors in Qattunan.
There is also a good example in Arthur Ungnad's Babylonian Letters of the Hammurapi Period (Philadelphia: The University Museum, 1915), 27.
187-224), including hymns, epics, incantations, dialogues, riddles, proverbs, love-lyrics, funeral texts, letters to gods, and even a royal inscription of Ipiq-Istar of Malgium and of the prologue to the Codex Hammurapi.
The so-called Middle Hana period includes kings who called themselves "King of Hana," including Iddin-Kakka, Ishar-Lim, Iggid-Lim, Isih-Dagan, and Hammurapi.
The king is not only commissioned in the carrying out of justice as, for example, in the Codex Hammurapi, but actually receives legal judgments from YHWH.